Outlook 2020: Oil Markets


Assessing market risks and potential winners and losers in the year ahead.

Outlook 2020: African Debt Levels


Despite a recent stabilization, African debt levels have some worrying about the continent’s resilience in the event of a global economic downturn.

Outlook 2020: The Year in Drought


Tracking the most vulnerable and food-insecure regions in the year ahead.

Outlook 2020: The War in Afghanistan


Will 2020 bring an end to the United States’ longest war?

Outlook 2020: Emerging Market Debt Bombs


Turkey, Lebanon, and Argentina will be hoping for smooth sailing ahead in the global economy, as all three countries face massive financing challenges in the year ahead.

Global Forecast (08-26-2019)


Italy coalition negotiations come down to the wire, Assad’s Idlib offensive rolls out, and North Korea unleashes its “super-large multiple rocket launcher.”

Global Forecast (6-25-2019)


A biting electoral loss for Turkey’s Erdogan, an unlikely winner in the US-China trade war, and the bizarre posturing dance between Iran and the United States continues.

Global Forecast (03-19-2019)


Trump meets his tropical doppelganger in Bolsonaro, a sea change unfolds in Slovak politics, and one of Central Asia’s longest-running leaders suddenly steps down.

Global Forecast (03-04-2019)


A dramatic end to the Trump-Kim summit, new stimulus in China, and Greece’s triumphant return to international bond markets.

Global Forecast (01-28-2019)


ISIS claims responsibility in the latest Philippines bombing, Trump’s coal renaissance crumbles in the United States, and a generous pre-election budget expected in India.

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