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Global Forecast (03-08-2018)


A slog expected in Italian coalition talks, more details of President Trump’s tariffs come to light, and the Japanese economy didn’t have such a bad fourth quarter after all.

Global Forecast (02-21-2018)


The Assad government hammers Eastern Ghouta, Japan ups its order of F-35s, and a state of emergency is extended in the Maldives.

Global Forecast (02-06-2018)


Pressure mounts on South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, China nears completion of its militarization of Mischief Reef, and a CPEC worker is assassinated in Karachi.

Global Forecast (01-24-2018)


Erdogan threatens to expand Turkey’s campaign against Syria’s Kurds, China mulls SOE reform (again), and a grassroots upsurge in the SPD calls German coalition talks into question.

The Year Ahead for China’s Coal Industry

A coal delivery in China, cc Flickr Han Jun Zeng, modified,

China’s coal industry may be in a controlled decline, but it isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Global Forecast (01-16-2018)


Andrej Babiš’ government is toppled in the Czech Republic, Washington follows through on its threat against the Palestinians, and Canada prepares to raise interest rates.

Outlook 2018: Energy Prices


Will the energy market of 2018 take its cues from the bearish 2016, or the bullish 2017?

Outlook 2018: The Year in Drought


Droughts disrupted food production and spurred migration and conflict worldwide in 2017. Will 2018 be any different?

Outlook 2018: The Year in Trump


What twists and turns can we expect from the Trump show in 2018?

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